Fevers-in-Pets was established in 1999 by veterinary surgeon Dr. Julie Thickens. Because of her passion for animal care, Dr. Thickens worked hard to build an establishment that will deal with the health needs of animals.

Situated in Vancouver, BC, Fevers-in-Pets is a small veterinary clinic attending to the needs of different animals that require medical attention.

Today, despite being a small-scale animal clinic, Fevers-in-Pets is more than prepared to handle various health issues with different types of animals.

We have licensed, fully qualified veterinarians for the following departments:

  • Anesthesiology
  • Animal Behavior
  • Emergency Care
  • Internal Medicine
  • Laboratory
  • Surgery

In addition to our doctors, we have professional staff members who are well-versed in taking care of animals and pets of any kind.

Fevers-in-Pets aims to provide the best level of care possible to our patients. We know how important pets are to our lives and we always treat the welfare of animals with highest priority.

We provide in-patient care as well as extend out-patient treatment. Fevers-in-Pets is open 24/7 for emergency cases.

For additional information on the care and services we can provide for your pets, you can call or email Fevers-in-Pets. Our lines are also open if you want to secure a schedule to have your pet checked by one of our specialists.