Signs That Your Cat Might Be Sick

Having a pet cat is simply one of the best experiences anyone can have. Cats are gentle, quiet, and calm, that they can definitely create a serene, loving atmosphere around the house.

If you want a calmer, more tranquil companion around your home, chances are you will appreciate living with a cat more than you would like living with a dog.

While it’s a good thing that cats are quiet, our feline friend’s quietness can be a problem sometimes, especially when our pet is under some illness or pain.

Although it’s true that neither dog nor cats can speak, since dogs are considerably more energetic and expressive than cats, it will be easier to notice a dog that’s not feeling well than a cat that’s sick.

Therefore, if you have a pet cat, you have to be more attentive to their actions to be able to detect as soon as your cat experiences some health issues.

Some of the signs that your cat is sick include the following:

Excessive thirst – It is perfectly normal for your cat to drink every few hours, but if you notice that the frequency of your cat drinking from their bowl has significantly increased, it could be a warning sign that something’s wrong. This could be a sign of dehydration or bladder or kidney problems.

Diarrhea – If you notice that your cat’s stool is watery and loose, this could be a symptom of sickness. Bring your cat to the vet before the simple diarrhea becomes something more serious, such as severe dehydration.

Lack of energy – Cats love to just sit and relax all day, but if you’ve known your pet for a long time, you will definitely notice if there’s a big change in their behavior, like being unenergetic. If your cat seems to be hiding in a corner, isn’t as active as it used to be, or seem to be sleeping for an entire day, it can be a sign that it is not feeling well.

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